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Bow School

Stretch and Challenge

At Bow we want to ensure all of our students make the most of the abilities they have. As a result we have a special programme of activities for those students who qualify for the Gifted and Talented register. This represents approximately ten per cent of the school roll and it is representative of every subject taught in the school.

To get a place on the register a student must have proven ability in at least one subject area, be it Mathematics, PE or History. They will show ability beyond that expected of a student their age and will be able to acquire skills with an ease that makes them exceptional students.

We aim to provide an environment for all of our students to reach their full potential.

To help with this, there are a number of events that take place every year to support the students' learning in the classroom.  These include visits to Oxford and Cambridge universities and work with the charity IntoUniversity, the SHINE Maths project, Model United Nations club, Globe Theatre projects, work experience at Rothschild Bank and the Rothschild Mentoring Scheme in which pairs of students meet regularly with a Rothschild employee who helps them to reflect upon their progress, set and monitor goals and inform and encourage them to think about higher education as an option for their future.

 All of this comes together to provide a stimulating, challenging and aspirational programme for students of high ability here at Bow School. It will not only be them who benefit however, as in schools where the Gifted and Talented strand is well-established, a positive trend has been the tendency of departments to formulate their own, subject-specific definitions of ability, which lead to improved provision within subject areas not only for gifted and talented pupils, but also for all students.