Bow School

House Committee

House Committee

The Bow School House System forms an integral part of our school’s commitment to enhance students' opportunities. 

It gives everyone a great chance to demonstrate how they live and breathe our school values - Determination, Adaptability, Curiosity and Respect.

It is also yet another opportunity for students to step up and be recognised as leaders. 

It is yet another opportunity for students to step up and be recognised as leaders. 

Our Houses

 All students and staff are assigned a house. These are:

  • Besant: named after writer, socialist and feminist activist Annie Besant.
  • Pankhurst: named after campaigner for the suffragette movement and anti-fascist activist Sylvia Pankhurst.
  • Master: named after ex-sailor, businessman and Indian Seamen’s Welfare League founder Ayub Ali Master. 
  • Tull: named after footballer, soldier and WW1 hero Walter Tull.

Thanks to the introduction of a house system at Bow in 2015, all our students now know a little bit more about at least one of these people. These are the names of our House founders and all four represent people who made a contribution to the lives of others in the local area.

Competition, Collaboration, Community 

The house system introduces an element of competitiveness across the school, with each of our Assistant Headteachers taking on the role of Head of House. 

Students gain the opportunity to work with different year groups as part of the house activities that we run. 

Points are awarded for a number of things, including  academic performance, sporting excellence, attendance and for engaging with extracurricular activities. 

Houses even support charities throughout the year through a variety of fundraising activities.