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Bow School

Student council


We believe that an active and empowered student council is central to the success of the school.

Each form elects two representatives, who attend regular meetings throughout the academic year reporting any ideas and concerns of fellow students.

Councillors attend boardroom-style meetings with Prefects, governors, senior members of staff, the police and local decision makers. 

Within the council, students have divided themselves into working groups which focus on particular areas of school improvement such as 'behaviour and rewards' and 'curriculum and extended schools.

Working with partner organisations, student councillors have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through training and workshops.

Student Council empowers students throughout the school in having a say in school the budgetary decisions, with the whole school community having a say on how allocated money is spent.

In this important role, students have a range of additional responsibilities including mentoring younger students, supervising at break times, and presenting year group assemblies with all members playing a key role in ensuring development of school rules and regulations. Council members have also organised fundraising events within school with the proceeds of each event going to nominated charities.

As our student council develops, we are always looking for opportunities to improve Bow, focusing on respecting each other, embracing diversity, working together, rising to the challenge and celebrating success, responding to the interests and concerns of everyone in the school community.