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Bow School

The Phoenix Satellite Partnership

The Phoenix Satellite Partnership is a partnership between Phoenix School, a special school for young people with autism, or on the autistic spectrum, Bow school, a mainstream, 11-19 school and Marner Primary School. The partnership has developed 2 satellite classes from Phoenix School in each of the mainstream schools. The satellite classes contain approximately seven or eight students in each and are staffed by Phoenix teachers and TAs.

Staff and students from Phoenix are given opportunities to work in a mainstream setting, facilitating communication and interaction with students and staff of the mainstream school and the opportunities for joint curriculum and project work that raises attainment and develops personal and social skills for young people from all settings.

 What are the gains for Bow?

  • - Highly trained, experienced special school staff based here at Bow, enabling both formal and informal conversations and support to take place.
  • - Expertise easily shared.
  • - Bow staff spending time in the satellite classes to learn more about autism.
  • - Possibility of Bow students having some time in a special school class.
  • - The possibility of sharing some specialist provision.
  • - Staff training and CPD cross over.
  • - Close relationship with Phoenix and Marner Primary school
  • - Learning communication strategies that will help us with all children.
  • - Promoting more effective inclusion
  • - Helping us to drive the ‘Every teacher a teacher of SEN agenda’
  • - The opportunity to think about the mainstream offer and curriculum for foundation learners
  • - Raise awareness of autism among Bow staff and students
  • - Increasing the diversity within our school populations to more readily reflect that of the local community
  • - A chance for students to make new friends and for us to reflect upon the nature of inclusive education in our school
  • - Promotes a positive example of The Bow Way

 To find out more follow the link to Phoenix@Bow

What our young people think

‘I enjoy going to the gym to workout. I like using the treadmill, bike machine, cross trainer & the rowing machine.’ Danny (Phoenix Sixth Form)

‘I like gardening with John because I like planting seeds in the soil.’ Cameron (Phoenix Sixth Form)

‘At Bow school at lessons I do Maths, English, Citizenship, Tower Hamlets College (Arbour Square), SRE, RE, Music, Urban Adventure Base and Horticulture’ Lawrence (Phoenix Sixth Form)

‘When working with Phoenix students, they all communicate in different ways. Some get distracted easily but you just have to be patient with them.’ Safwan (Bow School)

‘When working with Phoenix children what you need is patience, communication, understanding…’ Rhiannon and Jada (Bow School)

‘During my experience with Phoenix students I’ve learnt how to communicate with different people with different special needs.’ Abderrahman (Bow School)

‘We learnt a lot about the environment, we learnt a lot about working with new people – thank you for watching the report.’ Phoenix Upper School and Bow School