Bow School

Transition 2021

Transition 2021

An introduction from Mr Lye: Head Teacher



To welcome our new Year 7's to Bow and ensure their transition from primary to secondary school is successful; we have developed a unique transition programme which begins the moment your child is offered a place at Bow.

Implementing an effective transition programme is important to us; we know that the quicker students adjust to their new surroundings, the sooner they will be able to achieve their potential. Our transition programme ensures that both students and families have plenty of opportunities to familiarise themselves with the new environment, meet with new peers and get to know our team of friendly staff.


-Further transition advice for parents from Mr Morris: Assistant Head Teacher

A short filmed presentation for parents to further clarify the this year’s approach to transition  



In light of the current situation, we find ourselves in, we have adapted our programme to include elements that can be delivered from the safety of your own home at a time that is convenient to you (BOW SCHOOL : ON DEMAND), alongside some real time scheduled events (BOW SCHOOL : INTERACTIVE) which will have the flexibility to be delivered either virtually or, if restrictions permit,  in person on the school site. Incorporating information events, activities and workshops and frequent communications, we are dedicated to making sure neither the child nor family, are nervous about their first day.

For further information you can contact:

Jim Morris : Assistant Head : Transition Lead. E-mail =

Hodo Mohamud : Transition Co-ordinator. E-mail =



- Talk To The Head: Interactive Q+A Session: Tuesday 9th March

We will be offering families the opportunity to hear directly from the head teacher, Mr Lye, in a way that will allow them to find out more  about his vision for the school and to question him about aspects of  the school that are of interest to them. Click HERE if you would like to find out more about this event and what you need to do to get involved.


- Bow School Tours: Thursday 11th, Monday 15th, Thursday 18th and Monday 22nd March

In line with strict guidance we will be offering a physical tour of the school to those families who may have missed out on this activity in the Autumn Term. Click HERE if you would like to find out more about these tours and how to book a place for you and your child.


 -Welcome To Bow School: Thursday 18th March: 4.30pm

We will be offering families the opportunity to watch, and take part in, a lively magazine style presentation broadcast live from within the school itself . Click HERE if you would like to find out more about this event and what you need to do to get involved.



-A welcome from Bow School’s Head Boy and Head Girl:

A short film from our two main students leaders to give you some idea about what to expect when you join the school



-Information about BowExtra, the school’s exciting enrichment programme, from Ms Mohamud:

A short filmed presentation to introduce some of the amazing opportunities that are available to Bow School students outside of lessons.



-A virtual tour of Bow School:

An extended and comprehensive introduction to all aspects of the school for those families who want a more detailed explanation of the elements that make Bow School such a successful and dynamic place to learn. 



-Transition Booklet 2021:


View document bow_transitions_2021_v5.pdf


Here’s what you can look forward to in the rest of the year:


  • Work packs and transition brochure sent out
  • Welcome event hosted online by the Headteacher, Mr Lye


  • Home-school agreement sent out
  • New starters guide sent out


  • Bulletin updating you on all things transition
  • All About me booklet for students to complete


  • Zoom workshops to meet teachers and classmates
  • Virtual introduction from our Head of Parental Engagement, Mr Morris
  • Video tour of school facilities
  • Welcome from your Head of Year 7


  • A summer challenge!
  • Transition bulletin to share more of you can look forward to in September


  • A note from our Bow achievers - hear from those who have just finished their GCSE and A level courses about what they plan to do next

  • 2-week summer school - great chance to meet your new friends!


  • Day 1: Induction Day!
  • Activities Day: a chance to meet all of your new classmates
  • Show and Tell: a chance for parents and carers to visit and see some of the work already done.

We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful school in September, if not before.

Ms Mohamud, Transition Co-ordinator