Bow School

Bow Boys visit BBC Media Centre

Bow Boys visit BBC Media Centre

On Wednesday 27th June, a group of boys from Bow School visited the BBC offices in White City after winning an article writing competition. Ed Bearryman, a reporter who visited the school on 27th April, greeted the boys and showed them around the impressive site. The boys asked many questions, and learned about the different stages of the editing process for a range of magazines. Then, they were paired off to experience what it feels like to edit magazines with some of the crew from Match of the Day magazine.

The group then took part in a mock editorial meeting where they discussed things that they liked and things that could be improved about the magazine, while comparing it with a rival publication. The boys gave many original insights and expressed their opinions honestly.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and the boys took a lot from it; on leaving, the Match of the Day team was inundated with requests for work experience!

By Jan Bantic, 8O