Bow School

Bow School host the first round of the Urban Debate League

Bow School host the first round of the Urban Debate League

On 24th January 2012 Bow School hosted the first round of the Urban Debate League as part of the Debate Mate programme.  The Bow boys managed to turn out a record number of debating teams to compete against over eighty students from five different schools. 

 The first debate of the evening was on the pre-released motion: “This house would legalise euthanasia”, in which the Bow teams beat both Lammas and Morpeth School.  For the second debate, the students had to rely on their teamwork and initiative as they had only fifteen minutes to prepare for the motion: “This house would introduce an 8pm curfew for under-16s.”  A team of Bow students emerged victorious against Morpeth, leaving Bailey Lee, Jaydon Sullivan, Daniel Fisher and Nooruz Zaman unbeaten.

 Despite facing a strong opposition in both debates, a Bow team was announced as the highest points scorer of the  evening – special congratulations go to Year 10 team Rubayed Ahmed, Safwan Ahmed, Azim Khan and Nahim Ahad.

 For the majority of the Debating Club, this was their first formal event and so they are all to be congratulated for the hard work, commitment and collaboration they displayed on the evening.  Debate Mate organisers commented on the overall high standard of debates and the passion and style demonstrated by Bow students.  Urban Debate League Round 2 here we come!