Bow School

Exclusive opportunities for students at Bow

Exclusive opportunities for students at Bow

Throughout the summer term, a group of Year 9 students at Bow have had the exclusive opportunity to work together with artist and thrill engineer Brendan Walker to create their own Pop Pop boats as part of a project called ‘Seed to Speed.’

Their unique work will be revealed on the Lea River canal and will tie in with the launch of the White Building in Hackney, a centre for creative innovation focusing on art, technology and sustainability and based next to the Olympic Stadium.

Pop Pop boats are steam engines, powered by a candle or oil burner. Students have grown and processed their own oil from sunflower seeds and the process will involve extracting the oil to create power to push their boats forward in the regatta which will bring together a number of experts in the field.

The project has been supported by Bloomberg ON, a unique programme formed by SPACE and Bloomberg, which gives young people the opportunity to participate in workshops, skill development and job placements with emerging local artists and established international figures.

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