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KS4 Success Stories

GCSE Success Stories

Behind every grade and celebration, is an individual story of hard work, determination and ambition. We caught up with some of our GCSE students to find out about their achievements, and plans for the future. 

Reyan Ahmed

Manorfield Primary School alumni Reyan achieved a remarkable 7776655 in his Combined Science, History, Maths, RE, Economics and English GCSEs. He looks forward to returning to the Bow Sixth Form in September to continue his success at A Level, before embarking on a Law degree at university. He speaks highly of his Bow School experience: “The teachers at Bow School really are great. They offered me individual support that really helped me to achieve the goals I set myself for GCSE. Younger year groups listen up and focus on your learning, it is worthwhile!”

 Maymuna Uddin

Having secured 95554433 in her GCSE examinations, Maymuna looks forward to embarking on her next chapter at college. Praising her teachers for their support and help in achieving her goals, she advises younger students to listen to their teachers as they know what they are doing and have a track record of helping students succeed. She recommends all Bow students take advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered through the BowExtra! enrichment programme, which aims to support students’ personal and academic development both in and beyond the classroom.

Tamzeed Araf Islam

Tamzeed attending Solebay Primary School and achieved a fantastic set of GCSE results: 11 in total, including 99887777665! With plans to attend the Bow Sixth Form to complete his A Levels, Tamzeed says the following: “There are so many great opportunities offered at Bow School, from study support to experiences including trips and visits. These have really helped with making decisions about my future, as I met with businesses in London, university lecturers and completed work experience placements”.

Minshad Ahmed

One of Bow School’s highest achievers, Trinity Primary School alumni Minshad achieved an outstanding 10 GCSE’s, comprising five 9 grades and five 8 grades. He has high aspirations for the future, but first he will return to the Bow Sixth Form to study Maths, Economics and Politics. He credits the teachers and learning environment for his success: “The teachers here at Bow are incredibly hard working, supportive and have our best interests at heart. They work tirelessly to help us identify and achieve our full potential”.

Manha Bint Hossain

Woolmore Primary School graduate Manha proudly celebrates the achievement of 8877666655 in her GCSE examinations and has ambitions of pursuing design at A Level and university, before establishing herself as a successful architect.

 “During my time at Bow, my teachers and the staff offered the best support, alongside lots of materials and resources which helped me to revise and study effectively. I would advise all students to listen to their teachers and their advice and pick the subjects that interest and intrigue you the most!”

Haysam Awan

Haysam attended Malmesbury Primary School and celebrates attaining an impressive 7777776665 in his GCSE results. With plans to attend Bow Sixth Form to study Computer Science before entering the industry and embarking on a career in Software Development, he advises younger students to start their revision early and study every day.

Tung Pho

Boasting an impressive portfolio of 99888876, Tung praises his teachers for their efforts, dedication and support in helping him to achieve his goals: “my teachers went above and beyond to provide me with educational support, resources and advice which went a long way in helping me secure these grades. The student, staff and school community is so friendly and supportive here”. We look forward to welcoming him back in September at Sixth Form, as he embarks on his next challenge: become a computer programmer.

Harry Watson

St Saviours Primary School alumni Harry achieved a truly impressive set of results of 999998887 and D* in his BTEC Sport. Harry will be staying on at Bow Sixth Form to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths, and spoke positively about the supportive, kind and helpful staff, after school sessions and interventions alongside the resources and advice given regarding exam preparation, future pathways and careers. He advises younger students to “work hard, little and often, and always maintain a positive mindset”.

Hetal Vijan

Hetal achieved 8 GCSEs with 8888877 under her belt. Hetal was a pupil at Chisenhale Primary School and plans to stay on at Bow Sixth Form, before pursuing a Neuroscience degree. She would recommend Bow School because “it’s very diverse, accepting and supportive, and teachers do everything in their power to support, through interventions and additional resources”.

Philip Owusu

Having secured 6554333P in his GCSEs, Phillip looks forward to returning to Bow Sixth Form, alongside keeping up his Drama activities, a passion discovered whilst at Bow. He advises students to always try your best and ask for help when needed, and to keep on top of the homework, take advantage of extra support sessions and listen to advice – its all there for a reason!

Tasnim Hassan

Praising the school for instilling self-confidence and motivation, Tasnim is thrilled with his results of 999888777. His next adventure is to embark on his A Levels at the Bow Sixth Form to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths, before attending university to read Pharmaceutical Medicine.

 “There are so many great opportunities offered at Bow School – extra-curricular activities, competitions, careers advice, trips, visits, work experience placements, it is endless. Younger students, make sure you take advantage and strike a good balance between these and studying, it will help you in the future”.

Hasin Abdul

Solebay Primary School alumni Hasin achieved an impressive 9998877776 in his GCSE results and is ready to repeat his success at the Bow Sixth Form, where he will study Law, Politics and Economics. “Bow School is a truly unique environment to learn, and a great place to flourish. The teachers are the best and the whole community is so supportive”.

Tasnia Ahmed

Tasnia attended Marner Primary School, and proudly celebrates incredible results of three Grade 8s in Business, Maths and Science, 7s in English Literature and Language and Spanish, and 6s in RE and History.  With ambitions to study Finance at university, Tasnia will first study Maths, Biology and Economics at A Level, with offers from Bow Sixth Form and Brampton Manor. Praising the school for its impressive growth over the years, Tasnia states: “the school has grown so much in strength over the last few years, and with it, so have I. The teachers are so supportive, and I would recommend younger students have fun, work hard, make good friends and create life-long memories”.

 Yahya Alam

Yahya is thrilled with his results, including Grade 9s in English Language and RE, Grade 8s in History and Spanish and six Grade 7s. With a longtime passion and ambition to study Medicine, he plans to stay on at the Bow Sixth Form to study Maths, Biology and Chemistry to enable him to achieve his dream.

“I am so proud to be a Bow School student. Our school has undergone a transformation, with the most wonderful teachers who I feel indebted to. Their genuine support and motivate gave me confidence all throughout my GCSEs, and I have made life long friends who are positive influences on my life and so supportive”.

Ahmad Farooq

Celebrating Grade 9s in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Grade 8s in Biology and Economics, Harry Gosling Primary School alumni Ahmad praises his teachers for supporting him along the way and allowing him to grasp deeper understandings of his subjects as a result of their expert teaching. With plans to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at Bow Sixth Form, he recommends the school for its incredible teachers and wide range of subjects.

Tasfiha Islam

“The teachers at Bow are great, from their support and advice to interventions held after school, they went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. I am so proud to have achieved 9999988887 in my GCSE’s and can’t wait to return to the Bow Sixth Form – the teachers know me, and my learning styles and I have built strong relationships with them, I am passionate about the sciences and hope to study Physics in September”.

Yusuf Hassan

Yusuf is excited to be continuing his educational journey at the Bow Sixth Form, where he will study Maths, Physics and Chemistry A Levels, after securing impressive grades od 9988877766 in Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computing, Economics, English Literature, RE, English and DT. He spoke highly of his teachers, praising their efforts in providing resources and materials which helped him to revise.