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Meet our Students

Meet our Students

We're proud of a lot of things at Bow School, but nothing makes us more proud than our students and families. They embody our values, are passionate advocates for the school and we know that they are going to go on to be incredible adults that leave their mark on the world. Here are just some of them. 

Ana, Year 10

A talented, engaged and determined student, Ana has taken full advantage of the BowExtra enrichment programme, participating in singing lessons, music clubs and school performances, throwing herself wholeheartedly into school life, becoming a valued member of the arts community.

 Thanks to Bow's ethos of preparing students to be world and career ready, Ana is already determined to use her time at school to prepare herself to chase her dreams. Ana has big plans to go to university to study Music, before launching her career as a singer and achieving her dream of winning a Grammy.

 “The highlight of my Bow experience is definitely when I won Bow’s Got Talent! It was an incredible experience; I got to perform and sing for a crowd and was supported by my friends and family. The best part of Bow School is that I get lots of opportunities to develop my interests, for example singing and preparing myself for the future – for example during House Day, we had a workshop with a famous singer who spoke to us about her career journey, and even shared her contact details so I could get in touch in the future! My advice is to never give up on your ambitions and take advantage of every opportunity Bow offers you”.

 Hakem, Year 10

“This year I became an Anti-Bullying Ambassador, a role which is a great privilege and comes with a lot of responsibility. I make it my priority to ensure that students are safe and comfortable, and support those who aren’t. I am also part of the School Council, meeting with my peers to discuss how we can improve the school experience for everyone.

When I joined Bow, I did not speak a lot of English. I cannot credit the teachers enough for their support, helping me out through extra lessons to improve my English, and going above and beyond to make the curriculum interesting, engaging and interactive. The school is incredible at pushing us out of our comfort zone and encouraging and inspiring us to learn new skills. I have learnt so much, grown in confidence and gained so many new skills over the last few years and I can’t wait for what is to come”. 

 Margaret, Year 7, Gainsborough Primary School

“II was really nervous about starting secondary school and was worried about making new friends, but I had nothing to worry about at Bow! Before starting, I attended lots of events at the school – open evening, open mornings, Friendship Afternoon, taster sessions, Induction Day and Summer School – I made plenty of new friends before I even started! The biggest change from primary to secondary was lessons taking place in different classrooms with different teachers, however I quickly learnt my way around the school as we had tours, and all of the older students are so friendly and approachable, they helped to direct me around when I needed it advice”.  

 Umayya, Year 7, Marner Primary School

“The highlight of my time at Bow so far has been my teachers and new subjects. I am now learning a language and have Drama lessons, which is so exciting, and the teachers have supported me by helping me to settle in, and setting homework which has made me feel more comfortable and confident in my subjects. I am really looking forward to all of the trips I will be going on with my subjects and clubs!”

 Hussain, Year 7

“How would I describe my almost-first year at Bow School? Interesting and intriguing. Settling in to a new learning environment, meeting new people, learning new things and adjusting to different teachers for different subjects. My favourite subjects are Maths and Drama because I find them challenging and I enjoy being pushed out of my comfort zone, and it has been exciting to build on what I have learnt in primary school. I am looking forward to learning more and improving my skills, so I am ready to succeed in the future”.

 Serena, Year 8

“As a Student Council Year Representative, I take great pride in being there for my peers – I help with issues, sort out any problems and be a positive presence for those that need it. Taking on this role has made me realise that our school community is full of friendly, diverse, welcoming, approachable and kind people, both students and staff, and that together we are a family, who all want the best for each other. I would recommend Bow School because it offers so many opportunities and exciting experiences, all designed to open doors and help you see there is so much to discover in the world, and so much we can achieve”.

 Elisa, Year 8

“I love taking part in life at the school. Since starting in Year 7, I have become a member of School Council, where I had the opportunity to be a voice for my peers and contribute to the improvement of the school and also be a STEM Leader, promoting STEM Club, its importance and assisting younger students understanding of STEM.

 The highlight of my experience so far has been taking part in the IntoUniversity workshops, where I have been learning about the different opportunities available to me and the different routes into journalism, which is my chosen career. These workshops are just one example of how the school helps you to continuously grow, develop and achieve your goals – teachers go out of their way to support you and offer so many chances for you to pursue your goals and passions, through lessons, trips and enrichment opportunities. I would recommend to everyone to join clubs; they offer you so many opportunities which are great fun and insightful!”

Daniel, Year 8

“My advice to other students would be to never give up, and always keep your goals in your mind. The schools vision is to make sure every student leaves World and Career Ready, and they are dedicated to achieving this. Throughout the year, we have the opportunity to meet with careers advisors, find out more about the requirements we need for our future plans, speak with employers, meet guest speakers and in the future, we will have CV and interview support and work experience. I can’t wait!”

 Eesa, Year 9

“I was so happy when I was elected as Sports Leader because it gives me the opportunity to develop new skills, all whilst further exploring my favourite hobby – sports! Bow School has taught me that with confidence and hard work I can achieve my goals, and I have done that with becoming Sports Leader and Captain of the football team – the lesson I have learnt from the school and my teachers is that if you want something, to never give up, work hard and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Bow School really is a fantastic place to learn”.

 Rochelle, Year 11

“I wanted to a be a Prefect because I wanted to not only develop new skills and push myself out of my comfort zone, but I also wanted to give back and contribute to the Bow School community. I have really enjoyed my role: planning prom and coordinating School Council meetings. I feel that the responsibility has helped to develop my confidence, independence and public speaking skills as well as problem solving.

 Next year, I will be attending the Bow Sixth Form, before reading English Language at university. I have decided to stay on for the Bow Sixth Form, because I wanted to repeat the experience, I have had over the last five years, and continue to receive support and championing from my teachers, who know me and my learning styles so well.

 I would recommend all students younger than me to take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy your time at school. The teachers and extra-curricular activities, such as DebateMate and ModelUN have really helped to shape and develop me as a person, and I am looking forward to the next two years to see how else I can surprise myself!”

 Harry, Year 11

“The highlight of my experience at Bow has been participating in sports tournaments and competitions. Playing sports, especially football, is one of my passions, and I feel so lucky that I have been able to explore this on a competitive level, with my peers and representing my peers.

 Bow School has taught us the value of being determined, respectful and kind, and I would share this advice with students younger than me. Those are incredibly important traits that will get you far in life, and when I look back on all of the support teachers have given me to develop skills and achieve high grades, I know that Bow is helping to set me up for success in life. If anyone is looking for a secondary school I would recommend Bow, as they are dedicated to preparing you for the future, and helping you achieve your dreams”.

 Rizwan, Year 11

“After studying at Bow School and Sixth Form, I am hoping to pursue a career in the finance field, as I am passionate about Maths and Economics and am really enjoying the GCSE course content. Our teachers go above and beyond to make lessons and learning exciting, which is why I think our grades are impressive, and continue to improve year on year – we even score higher than some grammar schools! It is not all about grades though. At Bow, our teachers have great links with lots of companies and organisations across London and further, which provides us with great opportunities for work experience and to find out more about different career paths, and routes to industry”.