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2012-2013 Year 7 & 8 Sports day

2012-2013 Year 7 & 8 Sports day

On the 22nd May the whole of Year 7 & 8 went to Mile End Stadium to compete in the annual Sports day. After a good run of lessons leading up to the event the boys were determined to try and break records set the previous year. In the field events there were some exceptional performances by Nabil, Naief, Eduardo and Hasan to name a few. During the track events Lokman, Naief, Kallem and Kane all performed to their best.


Year 7 Results                    Points                   Position

P                                            128                         2nd

A                                             88                          5th

T                                            104                         3rd

O                                           100                         4th

N                                           132                         1st


Year 8 Results                    Points                   Position

P                                             124                         3rd

A                                             124                         3rd

T                                             110                         4th

O                                            164                         1st

N                                            136                         2nd