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Anti-Bullying Alliance

Anti-Bullying Alliance

In a powerful display of commitment to creating a safer school environment,
Rawan , our Young Anti-Bullying Ambassador, attended the Young Anti-Bullying Alliance Meeting on Tuesday 17th October.

The event brought together a cohort
of passionate ambassadors and school representatives from across the nation,
all united by a common goal—eradicating bullying in schools.

Rawan actively engaged in a session focused on Social Media training. The importance of leveraging online platforms to combat bullying was at the forefront of discussions, recognising the pivotal role social media plays in shaping today’s youth culture. Equipped with new skills honed during the meeting,

Rawan and her fellow ambassadors embarked on a mission to develop a ground-breaking social media campaign aimed at dismantling the roots of bullying in schools. Stay tuned for more updates from the dynamic Young Anti-Bullying team!