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Author Visits Celebrating International World Book Day

Author Visits Celebrating International World Book Day

Wednesday 6th March 2019 – Author Visit:  Savita Kalhan

Savita Kalhan, author of Girl in the Broken Mirror and Stories from the Edge, visited the school on Wednesday 6th March in order to talk to students about her books and run a Creative Writing Workshop.  Pupils who took part in the Creative Writing Workshop learnt how to craft a story and also how to collaborate with a partner.  They were able to develop listening, reading and writing skills.

Using a variety of opening paragraphs and opening sentences in the Creative Writing Workshop, students were able to explore the different genres of fiction: from contemporary, adventure, science fiction/dystopian, magic/fantasy, horror, historical to ghost stories and more.


Wednesday 20th March 2019 – Author Visit: Performance Poet - Adisa

Adisa, a performance Poet on a mission to highlight the power of poetry off the page and on the page, visited the school to meet with Year 7’s on Wednesday 20th March.  Adisa specialises in delivering bespoke presentations and workshops that touch on issues like identity, self-confidence, bullying and peer pressure blues. His work is firmly rooted in African Caribbean history and folklore tradition.

 The year 7s had a blast in the Creative Writing Workshop!


 Wednesday 3rd April 2019 – Author Visit: Neil Arksey

Neil Arksey is an author, screenwriter and performer.  As a screenwriter, head writer and producer Neil has been responsible for over 1,000 episodes of TV drama both in the UK and in Europe.  His experience spans the age range. He was co-creator of the CBeebies series, Little Robots but he has also recently produced a feature length film for the cinema.   Neil has had seven novels for children and young adults published by Penguin and Random House, among them: Brooksie, Flint, MacB and Sudden Death.  

On Wednesday 3rd April 2019 Neil visited the school and enthused students with his love of books and reading.   At the same time, he worked with students on raising confidence and boosting self-esteem around literature.  

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