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BBC Schools Report project

BBC Schools Report project


Working together

 Throughout the first Spring Half Term of 2016, students from the Phoenix Satellite classes and from Bow worked together on an Expressive Arts project, as part of the BBC School Report 2016 program, with specialist teacher Paula Manning. 

A group of 10 upper school students and a group of 13 lower school students explored the topic of the environment, and thought about what an ideal city would look and sound like, and compared this to our current environment here in London. Students developed skills in reporting and interviewing and had the opportunity to learn skills in sound and lighting, with experienced technicians. Sue Mitchell, experienced journalist from the BBC, came in to share some tips and specialist equipment with the Upper School group.

Students also built models of ideal cities, recorded mini-blogs, raps and soundscapes of the project, and they interviewed a range of people to get their views on environmental issues.

After the project had finished and the footage had been carefully collated and edited, students and staff gathered together for a special screening of the reports. Each student had the chance to see themselves up on the big screen and to celebrate the way they worked together to create such an entertaining and informative piece of work.

It was evident that all students had gained something from the project, but especially from working alongside those with different learning styles. The work put into the project was a credit to all involved and the students are very proud of the end result.


Lower School Report

Upper School Report