Bow School



On the morning of Friday 17th May Years 7, 8 and 9 were settled in the activities hall awaiting a special author visit from CHRIS BRADFORD writer of the YOUNG SAMURAI series who was here to promote his new BODYGUARD series.

Our librarian Mrs Clark was, as usual, doing the introduction when a GUNSHOT rang out!

Mrs Clark screamed! ‘BODYGUARD’ CHRIS BRADFORD sprang into action and rushed her out of the hall - much to the surprise and shock of students, teachers, the office staff and our Community Police Officer!

This got the event off to a really exciting start and the pace continued as Chris went on to talk about how he trained as a bodyguard to write his new series.

He got students to help him demonstrate several vital BODYGUARD skills including surveillance and protection techniques as well as when he read and acted out an extract from HOSTAGE the first book in the BODYGUARD series.

Just when we thought it could not get any more exciting Chris switched into SAMURAI mode.

First demonstrating with the wooden practice sword, called a BOKKEN, Chris then produced his real KATANA!

In a thrilling exhibition of the speed and sharpness of the katana Chris made it clear that weapons are not ‘toys’ or for ‘fun’ but require proper training and respect and that he is only allowed to demonstrate outside of the dojo (practice room) because he is so highly trained. Chris also explained to us the respect due to such a weapon was the reason he bowed to the katana before and after using it.

After all this excitement it was time to go to the library where Chris finished his visit by signing copies of his books that students, selected by their form tutors and Year Learning Managers, had received as rewards for effort and attainment in literacy over the past school year. Chris also signed the posers he had given out to students who helped with his demonstrations.

 C Bradford