Bow School

Bow Boys Excel!

Bow Boys Excel!

Merrill Lynch Presentation Skills competition

Presentation Skills is one of the ‘flagship’ activities for the Merrill Lynch programme, concluding with a Gala Final held at the King Edward Hall in the City of London. The programme began on 11th October and from the 44 boys selected from Bow to participate, 17 students qualified to the semi- final. After further coaching through November and March the semi-final was held on 16th May in the Library.

The boys competed fiercely, all presenting excellent information and exuding confidence. Two leading employees of Merrill Lynch and our very own Headteacher, Mrs Smith, judged the competition and commented on the difficulty in selecting the 3 boys who would go through to the final but, a decision was made, the finalists this year are: Ishraq Ahmed, Jan Bantic and Nizam Miah, their reserve is Mizanur Rahman. The final will take place on 11th June and all staff, semi-finalists, parents of finalists, Governors and selected year 8 students will be invited. We are all very excited!

At the same time, due to our imminent expansion to include a sixth form, we were also entered into the Citi Presentation skills competition with Langdon Park, Stepney Green and St Paul’s Way. The boys who have been selected for the final of this competition are: Sanuwar Hussain and Mizanur Rahman, their reserve is Mohammed Aziz. This final will take place on 17th June and the same guests as above will be invited.

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