Bow School

Bow Boys Uniting Nations

‘Bow Boys Uniting Nations’

On the 6th and 7th of December a group of talented students were chosen to represent a country, picked randomly, at a model United Nations conference in an attempt to come to a model treaty on Women’s Rights.

We were taken to the International Maritime Organisation (a working UN building) where hundreds of other students were waiting to represent their nations. Everyone wore suits and looked suitably suave for such an event and, in preparation for the conference, we all put huge amounts of effort into understanding our nation’s views on Women’s Rights.  Although our countries weren't the most famous or popular countries, we made sure our nation’s views counted and were indeed as important as the other countries.

We learnt skills such as diplomacy, debating, speech making, how to conduct yourself formally and, possibly the most important skill for some of the participants: confidence.

Confidence.  And how to function in front of women. But mostly, confidence.

In the end, everyone had a great time and we were all united on 2 things:

1)                  Womens Rights

2)                  Signing up for MUN again.


Daniel Fisher 10O