Bow School

Bow's Got Talent

Bow's Got Talent

July 17th saw the annual school talent show take place, but this was a show like no other. For the first time this year the format changed to include all sorts of talent, from singers to dancers to magicians and even a comedy duo.

Pupils auditioned 4 weeks ahead of the show and put in hours of rehearsals with their mentors in preparation. Each act was assigned a mentor suited to helping them progress and develop the act before the live show.

 Acts were divided into 4 categories; singers, dancers, musicians and other talents. A list of acts and their mentors can be found below:





  • Majid Ahmed
  • Jaydan Emmanuel
  • Fane Roberts-Clarke
  • Sahidur Rahman

Miss Jones


  • The Shades: Tasharn Williams, Paulo Silva, Nasim Islam, Romello Forbes, Dominic Kiely, Marjan Noor, Abu Bakkar, Jeffrey Adjei)

Miss Woods and Miss Anderson


  • String Group:  Sumon Miah, Tammam Ishtar, Armel Nene Jr., Mushfique Mahmood, Sabbir Ahmed, Harvinder Digpal, Farhan Amin, Murat Bozdag


  • Year 11 Band: Jaydan Emmanuel, Damian Desir, Jakub Jablonowski, Paulo Silva, Farhad Rashid

Mr Baldwin, Mr Morris and Adam Gibbs (String teacher)

Other Talents

  • Comedy Duo: Michael Manyakanya and Duale Mahad
  • Mohammed Al-Fayedh: Magic act

Ms Crombie

All pupils gave excellent performances during both shows, and a real variety of talent was enjoyed by the audiences and judges alike.


Between the final performance and the results, audiences were lucky enough to be given a special one-time performance by new up and coming rapper Fox who gave an energetic performance of his song 'Winner'.

 And then it was time for the results; drum roll please!!

 And in 3rd place was Jaydan Emmanuel with his solo performance of Wrecking Ball


 In 2nd place was Majid Ahmed with his solo performance of Your Mother


 And the winners were The Shades!

The Shades


Huge congratulations to all pupils involved, performing in front of an audience is a huge achievement, especially when that audience includes your friends.

Finally, I would like to say an especially big thank you to all the stage staff who helped keep the operation smooth and seamless on the day, this includes Ralph and Ms Clarke on lights, Miss Hanson (now Mrs Shen), Azim, Peter and Riazul backstage and Riyad on the projection and other music, and to Ms Crombie for organising them all!

If you would like to read more about the event, an article was published in East End Life on the 28th July, and is available to read here: