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Catching up With Humanities

Catching up With Humanities

This term, the Humanities department has engaged in an array of exciting classroom based and enrichment activities.

Working in partnership with Paint the Change, Bow students participated in workshops based on Fredrick Douglass during Black History Month, investigating history through poetry and art to create collages that will form a mural within our school community. 

In late November, Year 10 and 11 Ancient Historians enjoyed a workshop with Professor Paul Cartledge, a famous Classics writer. Paul was incredibly engaging and the talk he delivered on the life and times of Alexander the Great was very well recieved. Students came out of the session with a number of anecdotes and facts following the session. 

Lastly, Lego and and Arup group engaged in a fantastic session on Rewilding, with a range of students from the Green society and STEM club. The project comprised of two full-day workshops, first of which took place in late November and we eagerly await the second session in February 2023. The aim of Build the Change - Rewild My City is to co-develop an interactive, enriching, and playful experience for children to learn about the interrelationship between climate change, biodiversity, and human wellbeing in cities, and to contribute with their own solution to the climate crisis. This will be achieved by generating and sharing evidence on this topic, and by developing a knowledge website and tools to facilitate co-design and engagement processes with children.