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Celebrating Educational Talent with Lauriston Lights

Celebrating Educational Talent with Lauriston Lights

On Saturday 7th May our Y7 students, who took part in last year’s summer school, reunited to attend Lauriston Lights’ Impact Day hosted by City of London School. Year 12s from City of London School delivered two fantastic workshops in journalism and sustainability; and the sustainability workshop explored key issues in the climate movements. Students had the opportunity to discuss solutions to sustainability concerns that they're facing in our school environment. Bow students were so galvanised by the event they plan to take action to ensure we are an eco-friendly school, and they finished the session by writing a letter to our Headteacher.

A summary of their suggestions is detailed below:  

  1. Use reusable cups in the canteen instead of plastic water bottles. To amplify the effectiveness of this, we could increase the amount of water fountains around the school.
  2. Increase awareness of global issues such as climate change through workshops or assemblies. This would make students aware of the issues in their lives and motivate them to become more sustainable.
  3. Reduce our meat usage in the canteen as this would cut our carbon emissions. It’s better for the planet and also saves money for the school. Also, it makes school food healthier.
  4. To reduce food waste, we could add a compost bin, where all the wasted food is composted.
  5. In classrooms, we could remind teachers and students to switch off lights when they leave the classroom. Teachers should also turn off the projector when they aren’t using it.
  6. Organise events such as a clothes swap. This would reduce the amount of clothes thrown away and reduce the amount of money people spend on clothes each year. Like they say, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure.


“There are many changes that this school could make to become more sustainable. We believe that sustainability is an important issue and affects all of us. We want to make eco-friendly changes as we are in a global crisis, and we want future generations to have normal lives.”

Lauriston Lights’ Summer School 2021 Alumni

 *Lauriston Lights is a charity that celebrates educational talents of children, and believes all young people deserve to fulfil their potential. They run a series of summer camps and Impact Days to bring together highly able children with university students, exploring new and fun subjects and developing essential skills for moving into secondary school and beyond.