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Ceramics Workshop

Ceramics Workshop

During the autumn term Victoria Burgher, a professional ceramicist from Bow Arts, came in to deliver a range of workshops on ceramic skills. Victoria worked with a group of keen young artists from our lower school that had shown an interest in learning the ceramic process.  For the first few sessions, the group were taught essential skills such as how to roll, join, colour, glaze and fire their works.  Once basic skills had been covered, students were then given a theme of ‘characters’ and had to design, make and colour  a ‘being’ of some variety out of clay.  As expected, the final outcomes were as charming and diverse as the students taking part.

To conclude the workshops, students were taken on a trip to ‘Turning Earth’, a professional ceramics studio in East London, where they were provided with the opportunity to observe professionals making their wares first hand. The experience was incredibly positive and the team at Turning Earth were very complimentary at the engagement and interest our students displayed.   

Demonstration on how to turn pots on the wheel at Turning Earth

We intend to display all of the pieces created by our ceramics students within the school at some point in the very near future, so watch this space!

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