Bow School

Citi Final

Citi Final

As Bow School will be expanding in 2014 to incorporate a new sixth form within the Sixth Form East group, this year we took part in the Citi Presentation skills competition along with Langdon Park, St Pauls Way and Stepney Green.

The competition was run a long side the  Bank of America Merrill Lynch programme and so the students competed in heats and also received professional coaching.

The final was held at the Citi Bank office at Canary wharf and featured 2 finalists from each school. Bow school representatives were: Sanuwar Hussain, Mizanur Rahman and Mohammed Aziz (reserve.) Again, our boys set an extremely high standard for the other competitors to follow, to such an extent that Sanuwar Hussain was crowned winner of the competition.

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We would like to extend our most sincere congratulations to all the boys who participated. As with so many things in life, winning was a bonus but, the real treasure here was taking part. The boys learnt some truly valuable skills which will provide them with richer opportunities as they go through life and they bonded as friends and peers, learning to support each other and advise each other.