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Compose Yourself! Part 1

Compose Yourself! Part 1

 Bow School pupils were fortunate enough to be selected for a project called 'Compose Yourself!' in conjuction with Wigmore Hall this term. The aim of the project is to develop pupils composition skills whilst making 20th Century Music more accessible to them.

As part of the two-day project, professional ensemble Apartment House visited year 10 Music pupils on the 6th February to run a workshop in which they would perform music the pupils have been writing in their last few music lessons. Apartment House are a 4 piece ensemble comprising of a Cellist, a Percussioninst, a Clarinettist and a Pianist.

The Music GCSE pupils have been working on developing 20th Century composition in their lessons by looking at devices such as Graphic Scoring, Tone Rows and using Minimalist rhythmic cells and Postcard pieces in layers to build interesting textures in the music they write.

Pupils had the opportunity to rehearse and perform alongside the musicians as well as sharing ideas about how various fragments of composition could be interpreted and scored.

A great deal was learnt from watching the musicians perform and hearing them speak, pupils also valued the opportunity to conduct their own compositions whilst the ensemble played them.

It was a highly enjoyable workshop and pupils are now very excited about the next part of the project!

Watch this space for the next instalment of Compose Yourself!