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Crest Award Project

Crest Award Project

Our KS3 & 4 students were able to stretch and enrich their STEM studies by developing their own project ideas and gained in-depth experience of the scientific method. They have successfully completed the Crest Award Bronze project. Year 9 Student called Laba Hossain carried out an investigation to find out the effect of light on the growth of a plant and applied for Crest Silver Award.

It was a good experience for the students, during which they got an opportunity to improve their enquiry, problem solving and communication skills. They were able to develop the project using their own ideas, taking decisions about how to progress with ongoing support from their teacher. The most important thing is that there was an element of investigation and exploration, and that the project sets out to answer a question or solve a problem.

Bronze– ‘Soap or Nope’ an investigation to find out how sanitation can help solve global health challenges, following students have become Young Science Ambassadors by achieving Crest Bronze certificates.

  • Laba Hossain
  • Amy Yinuo Xia
  • Elisa Martorell Ungria
  • Jiyaad Ahmed
  • Nubaid Labib
  • Volodymyr Hirnyak

Well done to all!