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West London Model United Nations - Saturday 1st February

Students from KS3 and KS4 embarked on their first Model United Nations (M-U-N) experience (the start of a life-changing journey that helps students develop confidence leading others, a stronger awareness of global issues and the chance to make new friends). Model UN is a valuable experience that can help students prepare for further and higher education, find a first job and become inspired to change the world.  And, most importantly, M-U-N is F-U-N!

At a Model United Nations Conference students take on key issues facing the globe, become a Conference delegate and represent a country (their job is to make sure their country is heard) and work with other nations to solve the world's most pressing problems. The theme this year was ‘Liveable Planet: Building a Sustainable Future’.

Over the years, climate change has become a persistent problem, plaguing each and every country in the world. Students tackled deforestation, air pollution and carbon emissions - three major aspects of climate change. Students did an amazing job, making our whole school community proud, as they joined their Committee, engaged in debate and drafted resolutions, whilst also interacting with students from schools across London.

Introduction to Structural Engineering – Tuesday 11th February

Some of our Y9 Maths and Physics students had the opportunity to explore career options and routes into structural engineering. Students were invited to AKT II, a London based firm of structural and civil engineering consultants, who kindly offered students from Bow School an introductory Workshop, whereby students were able to explore what engineers/STEM professionals do and gain an insight into structural engineering (what it is and how it works).

This year’s Workshop focused on using AKTII’s Lego wall to facilitate the teaching of fundamental engineering skills and provide students with the ability to construct their own ideas around the theme. A group of engineers from AKTII worked with students, affording them the opportunity to learn and ask questions over the course of the Workshop.

Students did a great job creating their buildings (guided by a specification) which were then placed on AKTII’s Lego wall.


Debate Mate Urban Debate League Cup – Thursday 3rd March

Well done to all students who took part in the Urban Debate League – Round 2.        The students did a great job and won a round each.

Debating skills can boost confidence, develop the ability to think on your feet, speak clearly, and put your points across concisely and persuasively. Debating skills also develop listening, teamwork and leadership skills.

Ms Rahman 

 Adaptability, Curiosity & Determination