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Design Technology Space Studios Project

Design Technology Space Studios Project

On the 5th, 6th and 7th December a group of Year 7 students were given an exciting opportunity to be part of a workshop with design makers from Space Studio.

Through the project “Bow Power”, Year 7 students have been learning about both plants and technology through Creative Technology workshops with creative technologists Emilie Giles, Liat Wassershtrom and Ani Passarelli. Not only have they been learning to code and build circuits which create sound and flash LEDs, they have also learnt how to create sensors which detect a plant’s water level and flash an LED when they need a drink! The plants having their levels detected are all herbs and will be used in a meal with a local older residents group: The Geezers. The young people will pass their plants to the group for nurturing in preparation for this. 

The workshops aim to bring closed-loop cycles to life in a school and home environment as well as embracing hacking culture.

The project forms the 11th edition of People Power - SPACE's innovative school-centred art and technology programme that strikes a creative spark, bringing STEM topics alive.

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