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Drop Day 3 - A diverse Day for a Diverse Community

Drop Day 3 - A Diverse Day for a Diverse Community

On Drop Day #3 we decided to get the whole of Year 7 and 8 involved in creating visuals and music that could help us to explain what was meant by the word DIVERSITY. Bow School is a very varied community and as a result this project had the potential to help us all appreciate and celebrate the different characters and beliefs of the people who work in, and visit, our building on a daily basis. In preparation for the day both Ms Jones and Mr El-Salahi spent time looking at the best ways to realise the theme and deliver a day of exciting activities that everyone could enjoy. The plan that they came up with could not have been better.

With the help of external artists from Bow Arts Trust and a carefully selected professional musician we were able to give our Year 7 and Year 8 students the chance to sing about diversity in groups of 60 - 70 students and to explore the meaning of this by creating self- portraits, printed banners, stop frame animation, boxed collages and two different types of sculpture. Alongside this the students also produced some hard hitting powerpoints to put across the message about diversity and the need for everyone to appreciate the positive aspects of this.

The outcomes of the day were truly amazing and we will be hosting a display of the artwork, films and powerpoints along with the opportunity for everyone to download a copy of the recordings that we made of the students singing.