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-“The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities”

Last month was Black History Month at Bow, with many exciting activities. Students created an artwork exhibition took part in our BowExtra! film night where they watched the film “Hidden Figures” and also took part in our Black History Month Heroes competition - winners to be announced soon!

November at Bow sees us celebrating “Children’s Rights Month,” where students have been leading the Anne Frank Exhibition (see below), taking part in a Charity Shoebox Appeal for homeless and needy children and their families, as well as upcoming polls for our Diversity Council - which aims to raise awareness for equality and diversity at our school. Keep the applications coming!


We also have our monthly film night to look forward to, where we will be watching “The Book of Henry” on Friday 24th November from 2.45 – 4.45 pm. We look forward to seeing students there to celebrate Children’s Rights Month.

Ms Kamali

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 Children’s Rights Month November 2017

Embracing Diversity – The Bow Way