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-“The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities”

As we reach the end of “Children’s Rights Month” at Bow, students have been busy working with the Anne Frank Trust to prepare an anti-bullying assembly. Students have also been signing anti-bullying pledges as part of Anti-Bullying Week and taking part in a Shoebox Appeal to collect necessities for the local homeless youth and their families.  Please keep contributing to our appeal with donations such as toothpaste, towels and other hygiene products as well as non-perishable foods.


We have also had many students sign up to watch “The Book of Henry,” on Friday 24th November from 2.45 – 4.45pm for our Bow Xtra Film Night. We look forward to seeing students there to celebrate Children’s Rights Month.

 Ms Kamali

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Children’s Rights Month November 2017

Embracing Diversity – The Bow Way