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Earth Day Challenge Poetry about Space

Earth Day Challenge: Poetry about Space

Earth Day is an annual event where people can participate in numerous events to show their support for environmental protection. The theme for Earth Day 2023 last term was 'Invest in our planet' and it was focussed on finding solutions to combat the threat of climate change and making the transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all.

Students were encouraged to write a poem on Earth so that they get an opportunity not only to improve their research skills but also their Academic literacy.

A beautiful poem was written by our Year 8 student:

On this day of Earth we celebrate,

Our planet so beautiful and great,

The trees, the oceans, the skies above,

All gifts of nature, filled with love.

We honour the Earth and all its creatures,

The birds that sing, the bees that feature,

The animals that roam on land and sea,

All part of this world, just like you and me.

Let's pledge to keep our planet clean,

To recycle, reduce, and reuse, it's keen,

To plant more trees, to clean up our air,

For a healthy planet, we must all care.

For the Earth is our home, our only place, let’s cherish it and leave a lasting trace, of love and respect for all that it gives, so that future generations can also live.

Ho Yin Kwok

A poem on Space

On this day of space, we look to the skies,

To the great beyond, where the universe lies,

A world full of mystery, of wonder and awe,

A cosmos so vast, with secrets to explore.

From the stars up above, to the planets we see,

A celestial playground, for all to be free,

To journey beyond, where no one has been,

To discover new galaxies, worlds yet unseen.

The planets that twirl, around the sun Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and everyone,

Each one unique, with its own little flair

A cosmic playground, beyond compare

On this day of space, we celebrate,

The great beyond, that we contemplate,

A universe so vast, so full of surprise

A journey that never ends, before our eyes.

Ho Yin Kwok