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Equalities @ BOW

Equalities @ BOW



-“The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities”

This March at Bow we are celebrating women and girls and had an amazing Drop Day on International Women’s Day (8th March) around this theme.

Students carried out some amazing work during their lessons and took part in a   whole-school vote on sexism in books, the results of which can be seen below.


Students will be carrying out further work on tackling this, and we look forward to seeing ideas that root from this in reducing gender stereotyping.

There have also been many competitions, including a badge competition to celebrate The Suffrage Centenary; marking 100 years since some women were first allowed to vote (watch this space for winning entries)!

The Diversity Council, as always, have been working extremely hard this month to help raise awareness for gender equality in the Bow Community.

Our film screening for this month will be “The Suffragette” – we look forward to seeing students there on Thursday 22nd March.  In the meantime, please take some time to read the amazing poem below by one of students in Year 9.


“I will Be Better without Saying a Word”

 First, to make change in the world,

I shall believe in change,

I must make other people believe in change.

I shall stop the race between races

And forget about the pigmentation from people,

I shall stop discriminating people

For what they are!

I shall not hide who I really am,

Neither should you!

I shall tell people that I’m proud

To share my voice through a poem.

Second, I must make the world a better place;

So the people in this world can live in harmony.

I shall connect my heart with my brain

So I can lose the connection of the darkness from the world.

I will not allow anyone

To tell me what I’m capable of,

I shall always view kindness as a strength

I shall stand up to the bully

And protest for my freedom

I shall believe in the goodness of people and the world

I will talk from my heart, not from my ego

And bring justice back in the world.

Finally, I shall send this message all around the world

And do everything that I spoke about;

Without saying a word.


Ms Kamali

 Remember   •   Appreciate    •     Educate    •     Raise Awareness   

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