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Equalities @ Bow

Equalities @ Bow



-“The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities”

During February, we have been celebrating Mother Languages Month, a month where we celebrate, understand and explore the beauty of all the languages spoken by the Bow Community. Students have been learning short sentences in different languages during tutor time, taking part in an exciting flag competition and we also screened “I am Malala” for our Equalities Film Night.

Well done to all those form classes who took part in the competition, and congratulations to 7E for their absolutely amazing WINNING entry!


With their winning flag of Montenegro, displaying the multitude of different languages spoken there.

A very big thank you to our Diversity Ambassadors for creating all the activities for February, judging the competition and for encouraging the rest of the school to embrace diversity.

Ms Kamali

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Mother Languages Month, February 2018