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Equalities @ Bow

Equalities @ Bow



-“The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities”

 During Drop Day (26.01.18) the Bow Community took part in the Holocaust Memorial Event where students took part in a candlelight ceremony and our Prefects carried out a reading based on the Holocaust. The Prefects did an amazing job and both the lower and upper school events were very moving.

The Diversity Council also had the opportunity to meet Anita Peleg (the daughter of a Holocaust Survivor) and impressed her with their enthusiasm, motivation and their inquisitive minds. Well done to the Diversity Ambassadors and thank you immensely to all those involved with Holocaust Memorial.

Students were extremely moved during our film night viewing of Freedom Writers which explored many equality issues relevant today, giving our students much food for thought. Thank you again to the students who have been attending since the beginning of the academic year.

February at Bow marks Mother Languages Month - a month where we celebrate, understand and explore the beauty of all the languages spoken by the Bow Community. Below you can see some of the languages spoken by staff. We are hoping to generate a student version by the end of the month and The Diversity Council will be presenting many exciting activities throughout the month for all to take part in.  Watch this space!

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Mother Languages Month, February 2018


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