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Equalities @ Bow

Equalities @ Bow



-“The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities”

This January, Bow will be commemorating the Holocaust with Holocaust Memorial Month. Our new members of The Diversity Council, alongside the Prefect Team, will be having a memorial service on 26th January and students will meet with the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. The focus of Holocaust Memorial Day this year is “The Power of Words” and we would like the Bow Community to think about how your words can make a difference to the life of someone else and help us all embrace our diversity

We will be watching Freedom Writers for our January Film Night (25th January) - a film that depicts a story of tolerance, motivation and the pursuit of education beyond high school for people of all backgrounds. We look forward to seeing students there.

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Holocaust Memorial Month January 2018


Embracing Diversity – The Bow Way