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Equality at Bow

Equality at Bow



-“The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities”

What does it mean to be part of the Bow Community? Do we want to teach individuals to be colour-blind to race, or ignorant of religion, sexuality and disabilities? No. We want to recognise the value in our differences, and understand that equality does not mean we have to pretend we are the same. We need to educate young people to appreciate the beauty in the colourful array of our skins, to understand the ultimate value of spreading good deeds regardless of whom or what one believes created us, and to learn to define each other by who we are and how we treat each other. As your Equalities Officer, these are beliefs that I am passionate about, beliefs that mean that Bow School will be able to deliver excellence, encourage ambition and uncover the talents of every one of our students.

My main priorities this year include:

  • Forming a Diversity Council with students, staff and parents to discuss equality related issues and how we can promote awareness across the school,
  • Establishing a theme of the month every month across the academic year, which will actively contribute to teaching and learning in the classroom and to cross-curricular and BowExtra activities,
  • Strengthening our links with Stonewall and the East London Out Project,
  • Keeping students and parents updated with the work we will be doing via our newsletter.

I am very excited to be sharing all the positive things we will be working on, and look forward to working with students and parents.

“Equality is not in regarding things similarly, rather it is the capability of regarding things differently, but respecting people the same.”

Ms Kamali


Embracing Diversity – The Bow Way