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F1 Cars Mini Project

F1 Cars Mini Project

STEM Club Students successfully completed the F1 Cars mini Project as per the relevant technical regulations, safety and are ready to race and compete with other schools on the 6th October 2022 to tune in for Regional Final.

Our students had the most comprehensive experience during this time and were able to build collaborative team work skills along with Time management and Physics knowledge about The Big idea-Forces​. ​Students will now, spend this autumn term to complete their project work and apply for Crest Awards.

We have also conducted an internal competition between Four Teams and glad to share that the following students from Team Project Shadow won the race. Winners and rest of the teams were rewarded with certificates and Prizes by Mr. Lye.

Team Project Shadow Winners:

1.Jawwad Ali

2.Kai Wright

3.Haysam Awan.

Well done to all!