Bow School

GREAT NEWS.............


Bow School Student Features in The Guardian Newspaper

We are delighted to share with you news received from Kelvin Murray, Photographer that the image he entered for the Portrait Salon competition was featured in the Guardian:

This image is of a young and incredibly gifted pianist. He’s mainly self-taught and attends Bow school in London’s East End. When I met him at his school, he sat and played without sheet music, moving from piece to piece seamlessly. The music flowed from inside him. This picture comes from a series I shot of young musicians, which accompanied a film I made called For the Love of Music. I hope the world is kind to him and his obvious talent finds reward’.  Kelvin Murray

 The student was very excited to be featured in the paper and commented:

"I honestly cannot thank you enough!! It was amazing to have the experience of performing in front of a camera crew and having my video played inside and out of school. The moment I found out my photo was in The Guardian I started screaming 'I WAS IN THE GUARDIAN MUM!' and she laughed and said how she was proud of me. Thank you again to Mr Bourne for having faith in my piano playing skills and a huge thank you to Kelvin and the team for choosing the best school in London".

Our sincere congratulations to Kelvin and to the student involved.

Mr Morris - Mr Bourne