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Girls Self Esteem Workshop

Girls Self Esteem Workshop


 Y10 & Y9 Self Esteem Workshop

Bow School is committed to developing our students into leaders, enabling them to address issues and provide solutions. We started Autumn Term 1 with a bang - empowering and enabling Y10 and Y9 girls with confidence and knowledge - with a Workshop from the Self Esteem Team (teamed up with Bodyform) on the taboo issue of periods and period poverty.

This Workshop allowed students to explore and understand girls health issues as well as address the challenges for girls when it comes to periods, including period poverty (when women and girls struggle to pay for basic sanitary products on a monthly basis resulting in a significant impact on their hygiene, health and wellbeing).

All the girls found the information useful and asked for longer sessions in the future - thus reinforcing how important it is to talk and share experiences in ‘safe and comfortable girl only spaces’ on an ongoing basis - as well as raising awareness and supporting other young women.

We look forward to more discussions and support from the Self-Esteem Team in the future.

Ms Rahman

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