Bow School

International Girls Day in Science

International Girls’ Day in Science

International girls’ day in Science is celebrated every year on 11th February. The number of men in the field of science has always been significantly higher than women. In 2015, both UNESCO and UN Women called for the need to promote women and girls in science. 

Creating this diversity brings with it fresh perspectives, talent and creativity.  As such, this day was established in order to recognise the role both women and girls play in science.

This year, it was celebrated at Bow School by conducting a Poster competition. Examples of some women who are inspirational figures were given to the students. Students had to research about them or any other women/Girls in Science and present their findings about their life, work and discoveries. Students came up with various ideas showing their creativity.

Following students won the competition:

  • First place: Tanvir Musa (Year 9)
  • Second place: Jahara Nuri (Year 10)
  • Third place: Laba Hossain & Tasnia Tahia (Year 9).