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Into University prepare Year 11 for their futures

Into University prepare Year 11 for their futures

On Wednesday the 2nd of October, the organisation, “IntoUniversity” came to Bow School to tell us (the year 11's) what our options are and to explain the next steps for us in our education and our lives. They talked to us about their own experiences with the education system and around getting a job.  They recommended pathways to us (tailored for each of our different job choices) and even managed to answer all the questions we had regarding what to do now, and that is no small feat considering it's all that is on our minds as of late.

The session was very enlightening and explained thoroughly what BTEC's, Apprenticeships and A levels are and what they entail and ultimately we learnt a lot. For example, we discovered that completing an Apprenticeship won't just gain us connections and work experience, it will earn us a NVQ qualification.

It is a challenging time for year 11 at the moment.  We are all working really hard to get the best results we can, but at the same time we are learning all about the many different routes that we can take next year and thinking about what career paths we might want to follow.  The options are many and varied and we all want to make sure that we are making well-informed choices now as our decisions will impact on our futures.  Sessions like this one with IntoUniversity are very helpful for us.


Daniel  11O

Into University