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Jack Petchey Winners

Jack Petchey Winners

Congratulations are in order to our three November Jack Petchey Achievement Award winners! Students are nominated for the Award following the demonstration of our values: Determination, Respect, Adaptability and Curiosity.


Ubaydah Ibn Zakariyya, 7T1: Determination

Ubayadah won the Black History Month poster competition.  He referenced all the people they had learned about in assembles to create an amazing poster - Well done!

Aimee Scales, 9B1: Respect and Determination

Aimee is a very respectful student who shows great determination to ensure all members of her class participate in P.E. Aimee takes note of when others show low self-esteem towards challenging tasks and encourages her peers through the use of kindness and positivity. Aimee adapts well to all scenarios and always offers to help others and the teacher.

Tasfiha Islam, 10P2: Respect and Determination

Tasfiha has made an excellent start to GCSE Spanish and has regularly demonstrated an outstanding commitment to learning. She makes a positive contribution to the class through enthusiasm, resilience and dedication. She is always kind respectful and willing to share her knowledge with her peers.