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Key Stage 3 Merit Reward Trip

Key Stage 3 Merit Reward Trip

On Tuesday 26th March KS3 held a merit reward trip for the top performing form classes across the Spring term.  The plan was to go to the Science museum in West London and then to go on to Hyde Park and have a sporting afternoon.  Even though the weather was incredibly cold the students agreed that the plan should go ahead and the trip turn into a major success.  After the long ride along the District line we arrived at the Science museum where the students spent two hours investigating the museum, an exciting and interactive place to go.  From here we all moved on to Hyde Park, once we got past all of the rebuilding that is taking place after the Olympics we found a place to set up where the students split into year groups and played football with lots of running around to keep warm!! Those students that did not want to play had a little walk around the impressive park before we all gathered together and returned back to school.

Overall it was an enjoyable day and well done to 9N, 8O and 7T in winning their merit competitions.

Merit Trip
Dan Pitt

KS3 Manager and Year 9 Learning Manager