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Land Rover Bar Trip

Land Rover Bar Trip

As a reward for hard work and enthusiasm across STEM subjects, a group of our new year 9s recently went on a STEM trip to the Docklands Water Sports Centre. The trip was organised by the Land Rover BAR Sailing Team who were competing in the America's Cup in Bermuda at the time, which is the oldest international trophy in the world and dates back to 1851.

The trip involved some STEM activities linked to the boat that the Land Rover BAR team use and also to sustainability. In one of the activities there was a live satellite link to four-time Olympic Gold Medallist Ben Ainslie (who is the Captain of the team) and Ibrahim Alam was chosen from Bow School to ask him a question over the live link. 

Ben Ainslie was not the only famous person involved in the trip. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Windsor, was also at the event as she is the Charity Patron for Sailing. Some of our pupils got the chance to meet her as she came round and helped in the STEM activities. The pupils really enjoyed having the chance to meet her, but it was Miss Wilfred, Miss Johnson and Mr Pimlott who were the most star struck!

If the day doesn't already sound good enough, the pupils also got a chance to get out onto the water in their own sailing boats, with only two falling overboard (and I'm pretty sure one of those was on purpose).

The behaviour from our pupils was exemplary throughout the day and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

We look forward to being able to offer similar STEM trips in the near future.

Mr Spence

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