Bow School

Marine and Engineering Workshop

Marine and Engineering Workshop

For KS3 Students at Bow, a STEM workshop on buoyancy was organized to promote engineering as a potential career choice and the Sea Cadets as a route into engineering. As a part of it, our pupils were engaged in a STEM Challenge where they designed and constructed a boat whilst building their confidence, teamwork and practical skills.

Building a boat that holds the maximum weight challenge winners

Year 7 Team

1. Zaheer Mansoor-7P2 2. Ahamad, Aion-7P1 3. Khan, Hussain-7M1 4. Yahya, Kabir-7B2 5. Adam Sharif-7B1 6. Ross Lousa-Dawn -7B2

Year 8 Team

1. Ali Ishaak-8M1 2. Rafiki-Kahozi, Jesse-Joshua-8T2 3. Shahnaz Imdad-8T2 4. Masud, Arman 5. Samiul Miraj 6. Mojumdar, Ismail.

Well done all!