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Meet our Senior Ambassadors

Meet our Senior Ambassadors

Each year, we elect and warmly welcome the Senior Ambassador Team to the prestigious post. Tasked with responsibilities designed to encourage the development of leadership skills, create opportunities for paid work and tasked to effect real change across both the school and Sixth Form.

 For the Class of 2023, Year 13 students Sumaiya, Samiya and Waleed have taken up the post. We congratulate them on their appointment and look forward to catching up with them later in the year to find out more about their role.

 “I am so proud to have been elected as a Senior Ambassador and am very much looking forward to leading the Sixth Form, alongside Waleed and Samiya. Throughout my time at Bow School, I have gained a sense of responsibility, self-confidence and eye opening experiences, and it is my aim that whilst in the Senior Ambassador Role, I can share some of the wisdom and skills gained. In the role, I will do my best to assist and encourage the growth of other students in their process of expanding their knowledge, as well as getting them involved more in the Sixth Form community and ensuring that everyone feels happy and well-supported in their time here”. Sumaiya


“I really believe in the importance of working together, and am honoured to have been selected to lead the Ambassador Team. I hope to represent the Sixth Form to the best of my abilities, I look forward to leading the Year 12 Ambassadors and want to ensure that our team represents the voices of the community. I also hope whilst in the role to gain more skills – to further grow in confidence, develop leadership skills and enhance my public speaking abilities, all of which will go a long way in supporting my university applications and equipping me with qualities that will serve me for the rest of my life”. Samiya


“I am so excited to embark on the Senior Ambassador role, to be working with other Ambassadors in achieving our shared goal of helping students across both the school and Sixth Form to thrive. I chose to stay on in the Bow Sixth Form because I felt that the learning environment was incredible. We are a tight-knit, supportive community, provided with just enough challenge to grow but enough support that we always feel confident in our studies and decisions. Whilst in my role, I want to talk to younger students about how the school and Sixth Form can help them to achieve their goals as it has for me, and work closely with the Year 12 Ambassador Team to ensure they enjoy their time here, just as I have done!” Waleed


Senior Ambassadors 22/23

Sumaiya Ashrafi

Sumaiya Begum

Aidan Bicer

Imtiyaaz Choudhury

Farea Hossain

Sumaiya Hussain,

Musammot Fariha Islam

Samin Yasir Khan

Antara Khanam

Niyaz Munshi

Waleed Otaifa

Samiya Rahman

Imran Sheikh

Mohamed Sulaiman

Rianna Uddin

Ahmet Yalcin