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Myths and Legends Through Art

Myths and Legends Through Art

On Monday, 26th March 2018, a group of our Year 9 EAL students were given the opportunity to learn from every situation and embrace diversity by attending a trip to the National Gallery to engage with the theme of myths and legends from a different perspective.   Upon arrival in Trafalgar Square the students were set a task which they had to complete. The ‘Scavenger Hunt’ activity taught them to be independent, as well as being able to work in teams and communicate with each other to complete the task set. The Year 9's enjoyed this first part of the task and rose to the challenge as well as being very competitive with each other.


Not long after we entered the National Gallery where they received a guided tour of some parts of the gallery with a Myths and Legends theme. Learners explored a selection of myths and legends through the visual language of paintings and gained more of an understanding of the genre. This session helped the students express a real interest in the portraits and use their inquisitive skills to find out more. The students were able to put into practice what they learned about Myths and Legends in the classroom.


The entire experience enabled our students to gain first-hand experience of the different ways of representing myths through artistic representation, broaden their knowledge by unlocking the stories behind the collection's paintings, discovering a world of myth and meaning.

Mrs Albu & Mrs Begum

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