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The theme for National Anti-bullying week this year was 'The Future is Ours. Safe, Fun and Connected'. Although largely meant to look at Cyber-bullying, we took the decision to look at the bigger picture for our school. We wanted to look at issues that would help us on our journey from good to great and with all the exciting changes happening in school we chose to look at Sexism and bullying related to gender. We will return to the issues of Cyber-bullying through our pastoral curriculum later this year.

The week was extremely successful with the Student Council presenting assemblies to their year groups around wider issues in helping to identify bullying, every teacher taught a lesson on Sexist bullying during period 2 on Tuesday the 19th November and our Word of the Week, one of our whole school literacy activities, was Sexist. These activities enabled our students to look at how we treat each other as a community, how we can prepare for the arrival of girls in the Sixth Form and in Year 7 next September, and how we can let everybody know that we will not tolerate Sexism, or discrimination based upon gender.

It was a successful week that we will now work on with the Student Council to ensure that the messages and key points from that day remain a key part of the way we build our community at Bow.

A big thank you to the Student Council, to Ms Clarke, Ms Basi and, of course, to our anti-bullying lead, Mr Bosah.

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