Bow School



On October 11th we hosted a very special Open Morning event with a visit from Australia’s leading children’s author MORRIS GLEITZMAN!

Several primary schools, that are currently close to Bow or will be close when we move to our new site in 2014, were invited to fetch groups of Year 6 students to join the whole of our Year 8 to hear from this outstanding and prolific author.

Morris is known for wrapping serious childhood issues inside humorous stories.

This time he gave us a taste of one of his more chilling stories by reading from the fourth in his series about a boy called Felix and his struggle to survive during the Holocaust.

The students all listened very carefully and responded well when Morris asked questions about the ideas and emotions they understood from the extract.

Then it was the student’s favourite part of any author visit when they could ask the questions!

Morris said they could ask him “anything” and the Bow students as well as the students from the primary schools were delighted to do so!

Finally, with Morris’s help Bow Prefects presented each visiting school with a set of Morris Gleitzman books and a signed poster.

Morris was also happy to sign books the primary students had brought with them and then as Morris left our Prefects took over to give them a tour of the school before they returned to the hall to be addressed by our Headteacher, Ms Smith.

Later in the day there was a surprise for ten Year 8 students when our Librarian visited their English lessons to present signed copies of Morris’s latest books to those students selected in recognition of their continuing interest and progress in reading!