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National Maritime Museum Visit

National Maritime Museum Visit

On Wednesday 8th March, as part of whole school Drop Day, everyone from Year 12 and 13 went to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich for a Leadership Study Day. This focused on the life of Horatio Nelson, the British commander famous for his naval victories against the French during the Napoleonic Wars.

Students started the day with an introduction to leadership, looking at various different styles and identifying which one they most resembled. They then split into two groups and visited separate galleries in the museum, alternately answering questions on leadership and management based on an assortment of scenarios. Students used iPads as they navigated the exhibition to support them while they discussed their views on business leadership styles.

After lunch, everyone returned to the lecture theatre where they took part in an interactive activity. Students were given a real-life scenario based on events that occurred at the Battle of Trafalgar, during which Nelson faced a number of difficult decisions, and discussed with their peers how they would react according to their own leadership style. They were then told about what Nelson did and analysed the costs and benefits of each decision.

The day concluded with two speeches from successful female leaders. They explained how they progressed so well in the business world and gave our students some advice on their studies and careers. Students asked both women some thought provoking questions at the end, and everyone agreed it was an inspiring way to finish a great day.

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