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Numeracy Ninjas

Numeracy Ninjas

In our efforts to improve numeracy skills and mental strategies, Year 7 and 8 classes have been participating in Numeracy Ninja classes. Weekly, students have been participating in a challenge to complete 30 questions in 5 minutes and are issued different colour belts according to their scores.

Congratulations are in order to all students who participated, as they look forward to competing not only with each other but themselves as they look to improve their previous scores. 

We celebrate our female mathematicians for their excellent results:

  •  Tisha 7M1 - 8 Black belts
  • Amy 7M2 - 12 Black belts
  • Elisa Ungria - 7M2 - 11 Black belts
  • Abbie 8M1 - 16 weeks in a row Black Belt
  • Riyanna 8M1 - Most improved scores
  • Hasna - 7M2 - Most Improved.